Ben chosen as BBC Music Magazine “RISING STAR”

1.Where were you born?

London, United Kingdom.

2.What has been the highlight of your career so far?

To choose one is simply too difficult and also a shame so therefore I will have to be difficult and choose two. Being involved throughout the entire process of BBC Young Musician was just remarkable and to get to the final and experience that atmosphere was really astounding. Also my debut in the Philarmonie Berlin was an experience I will never forget.  To play to a sold out hall as iconic as that was a dream come true.

3.Who is your musical hero?

Daniel Barenboim. What he has managed to achieve and experience in his life of music is quite remarkable and I think he really sets the benchmark for what is possible both artistically and culturally in the context of being a musician.  For me, he really shows an unrivalled passion for his art and it’s incredibly inspiring.

4.What would be your dream concert?

I think without a shadow of a doubt to commission a concerto at the BBC Proms. I have such a passion for promoting the horn as a solo instrument, with a particular focus for new music that that would really be the pinnacle of everything I want to do.


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