On the 18th November 2018, Ben played Richard Strauss’s Second Horn Concerto under Ian Brown and the Henley Symphony Orchestra at the Reading Concert Hall.

“the young virtuoso Ben Goldscheider lost no time in reminding us of its warm seductive tone and astonishing versatility.

Richard Strauss’s Horn Concerto No 2 places considerable demands on the soloist and on the orchestra. Both rose to the occasion to give us a most exhilarating performance. All the intricate interplay between the horn soloist and orchestral soloists was executed with immaculate precision. Towards the end, as if to remind us of role of the horn as an essential orchestral instrument, the score dictates that the soloist be joined by the orchestra’s horn section in a stirring chorus of triumph. This was done with enthusiasm and style.

To the audience’s delight Ben Goldscheider returned to the stage after the interval to play Gilbert Vinter’s Hunter’s Moon, a light-hearted portrayal by horn and orchestra of an inebriated huntsman.”

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The Henley Standard

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